viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014


Unit 7

Trip: Viaje.      

This trip has been wonderful

Embassy: Embajada
If you are looking for the chilean embassy it's at the end of this street

Tent: carpa, tienda de campaña
We are going to camp tomorrow, bring your tent please.

Flashlight: Linterna
I forgot to bring batterries for my flashlight

Skier: Esquiador
Do you know any skier that cuold teach me?

Hills: Colinas, Cerros
I love to climb the hill and watch the sunset in the top

Pool: Piscina
It's hot today. I want to go to a pool.

Waterproof: A prueba de agua
Look my new watch, It's waterproof!

Reindeer: Reno
I'm going to a themed Christams party. Coul you len me your reindeer suit please? 

Divers: Buzo (el que nada bajo el agua)
Mi grandpa was a great diver whe he was young

Unit 8

Shelf: Estante
I'm going to buy a new shelf for my studio

Stuff: Cosas
You left all your stuff in the car!

Jewelry: Joyeria
Sara is looking for a gift in the jewelry section

Receipt: Recibo (de pago)
If you lose that recepit, then you can't claim for any exchanges

Magazines: Revistas
Are you reading magazines instead of studying?

Cushions: Cojines
I love this cushion, I'ts so fluffy

Middle: al medio de o en medio de
I know you were in middle of this

Antique: Antiguedad
This pendant is an antique pass down for generations in my family

Careful: Cuidadoso
Be careful with that dog

Laundry: la "colada" o ropa sucia lista para lavar
If you forgot to do your laundry I won't do it for you

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